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Welcome to DOCTOR DOMUS™ official website!

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we will be of help to you. We are open to new contacts with our potential partners and clients. We direct all our efforts to a fruitful and long-lasting cooperation.

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The international agency of consulting & services DOCTOR DOMUS™ is a agent network that in 2013 brought together experienced colleagues from Europe and Russia under a single brand name DOCTOR DOMUS™.

Its permanent office is located in Berlin. It has a chain of agency representations in European countries, namely, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Russia and Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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German company DOCTOR DOMUS™ UG is a member of the German division of International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) – an international organization founded in 1948 that unites real estate professionals                                                                throughout the world.

Alexander Lichtenberg DOCTOR DOMUS™ UG is licensed to carry out activities in the area of provision of real-estate services, consulting services as well services related to mediation for credit financing.

Executive manager of DOCTOR DOMUS™ UG is Mr. Alexander Lichtenberg.

Бизнес-компас Направления нашей деятельности, Бизнес профиль

Our business profile

The primary focus of DOCTOR DOMUS™ professional activities is provision of comprehensive services to Russian-speaking clients.

We provide our clients with integrated consulting and other services in the following areas:

You can find more information about the services we provide in section Services presented in the Russian language.
If you wish to get detailed information about the services we provide in English or German, please, kindly send us a message and we will send you detailed information.

our services наши услуги

About our services

Through our mediation our clients can not only choose and acquire real estate but also manage it and receive rental income, open accounts in banks and, if required, establish an enterprise, register a trademark, get a resident’s permit or dual citizenship and, of course, take care of their health and health of their relatives: undergo diagnostic procedures, treatment or rehabilitation in Europe. Our clients can get advice for self activities with no middlemen involved and additional service support with respect to all services.

Наши клиенты

Our clients

Our clients are not only professional investors and well-to-do businessmen but also private individuals who do their job caring for their present and future, search for adequate, reliable and safe perspectives for themselves, their families and, of course, for the money they earned. Clients who think about the better way to diversify their investment portfolio, leave the highrisk today’s uncertainty or create a safety cushion for themselves, an alternate aerodrome or plan.

Our clients are individuals who would like to:

  • Provide a reliable protection to their funds, preserve them and make much of them
  • Buy income generating properties at a favorable price, manage them and earn regular income in hard currency
  • Have a firm possibility to live a safe life, conduct business activities and let their children study at the best educational institutions
  • Seek for competent legal and organizational support
  • Seek for efficient high-quality health care services.

We provide legal services in accordance with the requirements of the international law and local laws of corresponding countries.


Our partners

DOCTOR DOMUS™ sets a high value on its long standing partners and appreciates established reliable business relations with them that are based on mutual benefit, respect and understanding.
Our partners are European and Russian companies, entrepreneurs, legal counselors, associations and organizations.
Our partners have all required governmental permits, licenses, certificates and accreditations allowing to carry out activities on the territory of the EU and Russian Federation. It proves their deep competency, high quality and lawfulness of the services they provide.
You can find logos of a few of our partners in section Partners.

Сотрудничество и партнёрство

Cooperation and partnership

DOCTOR DOMUS™ is always concerned about increasing the number of its highly skilled partners. We are always open to new contacts with new potential partners.
All our efforts are aimed at a long-lasting and fruitful cooperation.

DOCTOR DOMUS™ offers cooperation to

  • highly skilled lawyers and counselors,
  • financial advisors,
  • representatives of investment companies,
  • tax advisors,
  • private estate agents and real estate companies,
  • agents, representatives of health care institutions, clinics and medical praxes, convalescent centers,
  • insurance agents,
  • representatives of large companies, banks.

If you would like to get our commercial offer relating to cooperation with DOCTOR DOMUS™, please, tell us about yourself in .


Partnership principles

  • Lawfulness
  • High-quality services
  • Mutual benefit
  • Mutual respect
  • Mutual support and understanding
  • Keeping to the business ethics

We are looking forward to a long-lasting and fruitful cooperation!

Выставки и конференции

Exhibitions, conferences and other professional events

DOCTOR DOMUS™ is a long standing participant of specialized professional international exhibitions, conferences and other professional events. You can find diplomas confirming participation of DOCTOR DOMUS™ in different events in section Exhibitions and Conferences. Press releases in Russian are posted in section News and Events.

Наша философия

Our philosophy

Providing high-quality services to our clients, their relatives and friends we help them solve their current problems successfully, feel confident about their future, make reliable material and moral investments, improve health and quality of life. We are genuinely glad to every Visitor and Client. Our advantage is personalized approach to each our Client and fully integrated solution of their personal tasks.

Our motto: Reliability, Confidence, Quality, Success!

DOCTOR DOMUS™ office in Berlin

Our Berlin office is located downtown the European city, a 5-minutes’ walk from S- & U-Bahn Potsdamer Platz, not far from the worldwide renowned Sony Center, in a modern international premium class business center Potsdamer Platz 1 at:
Potsdamer Platz 1, 7th Floor,
10785 Berlin, Germany
Tel/Fax: +49 (308) 939-82-16
Mo.-Fr. 09:00-18:00

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Legal information

DOCTOR DOMUS™ UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Executive manager: Alexander Lichtenberg
USt-ID DE297377535
Handelsregister: HR B 160922
Steuernummer: 27/263/30328
Legal address: Potsdamer Platz 1, 7th Floor, 10785 Berlin, Germany
Tel/Fax: +49 (308) 939-82-16 – Mo.-Fr. 09:00-18:00

DOCTOR DOMUS™ is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. Replication of DOCTOR DOMUS™ trademark or use of DOCTOR DOMUS™ trademark without a licensing agreement or a contract signed with the copyright holder for logo placement, use of words, word combinations or images that are likely to be confused, use of DOCTOR DOMUS™ corporate identity are not allowed.

Disclaimer: The contents of this web site, all correspondence, any exchange of enclosed draft contracts or their terms and conditions, and any other correspondence regarding the contracts are done solely for the purpose of preliminary discussion of the terms and conditions of the said draft contracts and do not constitute an offer, invitation to make an offer, acceptance of an offer, or entry into a preliminary contract or contract pursuant to the sec. 2 of art. 434 of the RF Civil Code or any other potentially applicable law. Only after an agreement has been reached on all essential terms and a single written instrument has been duly signed by both parties will a legally binding contract come into being. Please be informed that we reserve the right to terminate negotiations relating to any draft contract in complete our discretion whether due to loss of interest on our part or for any other reason, without any obligation on our part to inform you of such reasons.

All services and advertisements presented on our website are not a public offer.
You can find photos of documents of title in section Documents of title.

You can send request for additional information via our .

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Вид на жительство в Испании: всё, что вам нужно знать

13 Августа 2020

Испания - уютная страна на Юго-западе Европы, омываемая Атлантическим океаном и Средиземным морем. Мягкий климат, гостеприимство и дружелюбность населения, огромное количество культурных достопримечательностей, изысканная средиземноморская кухня - все это делает Испанию страной, привлекательной для получения Вида на жительство. Кроме того, экономическое развитие Испании дает возможность совершения хороших инвестиций. DOCTOR DOMUS™  предлагает четкий и понятный чек-лист для тех, кто рассматривает вариант получения ВНЖ в Испании.


24 Июля 2020

Европейскими и израильскими аналитиками в сфере инвестиционной недвижимости прогнозируется значительный рост цены квадратного метра на Северном Кипре.
Профессиональные инвесторы в Европе обратили своё внимание на существенно недооценённую недвижимость на Севеном Кипре и предсказывают заметный рост стоимости объектов недвижимости в этом государстве.

Воссоединение семьи в Евросоюзе

22 Мая 2020

Семья - базовая человеческая ценность.  
В стремлении к  лучшей жизни судьба зачастую разводит членов семьи по разным уголкам планеты, но, как бы ни радовала жизнь за границей, люди всегда желают, чтобы близкие были рядом.